10 Invisalign Facts You Need to Know

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The decision to begin orthodontic treatment is a big one. You may have looked at traditional braces, but today, more and more patients are interested in Invisalign. Our Sioux Falls orthodontists have been using Invisalign aligners to create beautiful, confident smiles for orthodontic patients for many years. We complete a thorough examination beforehand to ensure treatment is right for you, and want you to have as much information as possible. Below you’ll find some of the most important things to know about Invisalign.

  1. They Don’t Work If You Don’t Wear Them
    Invisalign treatments only work in the time projected if you follow the recommended wearing time – which is at least 22 hours a day. You will take them out to eat and clean, otherwise they should be in your mouth working their magic.
  2. You May Have Temporary Changes in Speech
    Invisalign is clear, so most of your friends won’t even know you’re wearing them. However, when you first put them in, you may have a slight lisp and people might think you “talk funny.” No worries, your speech will be back to normal as soon as you adjust to having them in your mouth.
  3. You Must Qualify For Invisalign
    Our doctors will evaluate your orthodontic needs when you visit our office for your initial appointment. A great thing is that VanLaecken Orthodontics specializes in providing Invisalign treatment to patients with serious or complex teeth issues. However, Invisalign isn’t the best treatment for everyone. Depending on your case, we may recommend traditional braces or another type of orthodontic treatment.
  4. Great Oral Hygiene is Key
    Keeping your aligners clean will be one of the most important tasks you’ll have. When you eat, you will take your aligners out and place them in their plastic carrying case. Before you put them back in, you will need to brush your teeth thoroughly and then clean your aligners to keep your mouth free from bacteria. Keep a toothbrush handy at all times and pack a toothbrush kit in your car, backpack or purse so you’ll have one no matter what.
  5. Some Drinks Can Stain
    Drinks like red wine, coffee and tea have harsh acids and can color your clear aligners. Some candies and even some spices, like turmeric, can lead to aligner staining. Drinking water with your aligners is fine, but if you’re consuming acidic, sugary drinks, you’ll need to remove your Invisalign beforehand.
  6. You May Eat Less
    If you are prone to stop by for mid-morning donuts at Devage’s in Salisbury or grab bagels in Berlin from On What Grounds on your way home, the fact that you have to stop, take out your aligners, brush your teeth, and then put them pack in may make you change your mind.
  7. You’ll Experience Less Pain
    Traditional metal braces can sometimes be painful with tightening brackets and wires and the chances of braces rubbing the insides of your cheeks. You may have a little discomfort for a few hours after switching to new aligner trays, but for the most part, you won’t have the pain sometimes associated with traditional braces.
  8. Avoid Scratching Your Aligners
    Our Sioux Falls Invisalign orthodontists recommend a mild detergent for cleaning the aligners on a daily basis, but for a deeper cleaning, you can try a weekly cleaning regime of denture cleaning tablets. While it’s tempting to use toothpaste to clean your aligners, most toothpastes contain abrasives that can scratch your aligners and make them look yellowed.
  9. Be Patient
    Your Sioux Falls Invisalign orthodontist will plan out treatment from the very beginning and create the clear aligner trays in increments to move your teeth slowly into place. While he will give you an estimate of the amount of time it will take for treatment, there is no way of knowing how fast your teeth will respond. Be prepared to spend a little longer, if needed, possibly even adding an aligner tray to your treatment. Having the perfect, beautiful smile will be worth the wait!
  10. No Regrets
    Some people say the longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate it. At VanLaecken Orthodontics, we want you to have that beautiful new smile as quickly possible. But, we are not going to cut corners in your treatment, just to finish sooner. Don’t regret the time you spend with us. We know your worth it.

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