Types of Appliances

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Appliances For Braces

Our Brookings, Milbank, Aberdeen, and Watertown orthodontists use various appliances to help correct your teeth and give you a more comfortable bite. Appliances aid braces in leveling and aligning various bite types to achieve the best possible results.

Watch the videos below to learn more about the various appliances we use to give you a beautiful, confident smile!

Anterior Crossbite Appliance


Bite Turbo

Bite Turbos are temporary treatments to prevent upper and lower teeth from fully coming together.


Bite Turbo with Braces


Bonded RPE (Rapid Palatal Expander)

This fixed expander uses acrylic to bond the expander directly to the teeth.


Distal Jet Appliance

The Distal Jet Appliance is a non-removable appliance that is used to move upper teeth backward faster and more predictably than headgear.


Distal Jet Expander


Elastic Tooth Separator

Separators are small rubber rings that are placed between teeth to create space for molar bands.


Herbst Appliance Soft Tissue

The Herbst appliance corrects overbites and underdeveloped lower jaws. It also improves facial profiles by increasing lower jaw growth. The appliance is placed on the upper and lower teeth and stays there until the bite is corrected (10-12 months).

This appliance is the quickest and best appliance to correct certain bite problems including overbites and underdeveloped lower jaws. Fully contained within your mouth, it doesn’t show and works for you 24 hours a day.


Herbst with Expander

Turning Your Expander


Palatal Expander

A palatal expander widens the upper jaw by applying gentle pressure on the upper molars every time an adjustment or turn is made.