3 Benefits of Invisalign in Sioux Falls as an Adult

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Are you a (now grown) child of parents who couldn’t afford braces, even though you desperately needed them? There are a lot more adults with imperfect teeth out there than you’d think.

And when you get that adult job with great dental insurance, you can finally get those braces. But do you really want to be a “brace face” at (insert your age)?

Most adults don’t. They’re so embarrassed about having adult wire braces, that they don’t elect to fix their teeth. But that’s where Invisalign comes in.

They’re invisible aligners that don’t hurt, come on and off to eat, and won’t cramp your style. Learn more about having Invisalign as an adult and why it’ll make you smile below.

Invisalign as an Adult: What’s It Like?

When you get Invisalign, the process is much different than getting wire braces. Your dentist will make a mold of your mouth, which they’ll use to shape your first set of aligners.

Those aligners will come in and you’ll pick them up from the office. You’ll wear them all the time, except when you’re eating or drinking.

We’ll talk about how great that part is in a minute.

After the allotted period of time, that aligner will have adjusted your teeth as much as it can. Then you ‘ll go back to the orthodontist to pick up your next set, which will straighten your teeth further.

You’ll repeat this process until your teeth are where you and your orthodontist want them to be.

After you’re done with your final round, you’ll need to wear a retainer for some time, so that you don’t lose your process.

That’s how simple it is to get Invisalign as an adult!

The Benefits of Invisalign

The process alone is a benefit. But here are some more concrete reasons you should get Invisalign as an adult.

1. They’re Invisible

No one will know you’re wearing Invisalign unless they’re creepily close to you, or you tell them. The only way they could see them on your teeth is if they were in your face, staring.

Invisalign is made out of plastic that’s soft enough not to hurt your mouth, but strong enough to gently shift your teeth. When they’re on, they’re invisible, except for a slight sheen from the plastic.

But who doesn’t like having a shining smile? There’s no wires, rubber bands, or anything else remotely visible to others involved.

2. They’re Low Maintenance

When you have regular wired-braces, there are a bunch of things you can’t do. You can’t eat super crunchy things, you can’t chew gum – and you should probably not make out with anyone else that has braces.

Though it’s uncommon, we’ve all heard those horror stories of couples that got their braces stuck together.

You won’t have to come in and get them tightened, which means you won’t have to wait your turn, see the orthodontist, and have anything painful done. You just pick up your next aligner and go.

And when you’re a busy adult, that matters – we know you have other stuff to do.

3. They’re Not Painful

Wire braces are painful. In some cases, it’s almost excruciating, when they’re newly installed or tightened. Most patients report having almost no pain with their Invisalign aligners.

That’s due to the multiple-tray adjustment style. Since we can produce multiple trays, one a little more straightening than the other, each one can create subtle changes.

Those subtle changes won’t give you a headache, or make it hurt when you eat. Tooth pain is known to radiate around your jaw and your head, so be happy you’re avoiding it.

4. You Can Eat and Drink

There’s nothing you can’t eat when you have Invisalign, you can have apples, gum, sticky candy, and even popcorn. Instead of having to use one of those water picks to get it out of your braces, you just take the braces out before you eat or drink.

You’ll get a case to hold your aligners, which is where you should keep them when they’re not in your mouth. If you don’t want anyone to know you’re using them, you can go to the bathroom and take them out in private.

The case is small enough to fit in your purse or pocket, so you can keep your orthodontic habits on the down low.

5. It’s Way Faster

Depending on how bad your current bite alignment is, you could be done with your treatment in as little as a year. Most people get a successful smile in two, but again – it depends.

Since you won’t be in pain or have constant tightening appointments, whatever time you have wearing them will fly by.

6. You’ll Love Your Smile!

There’s no better feeling than watching someone see their new smile for the first time. As orthodontists, it’s one of our favorite moments of the day.

And while you’ll see it quicker (since your aligners are invisible) than traditional wire braces patients, it still makes us happy.

You should smile with confidence, you’re the most beautiful when you’re not hiding your smile.

Getting Started

If you want to see if Invisalign is a good fit for you, schedule a complimentary new patient exam at VanLaecken Orthodontics in Sioux Falls. We’ll talk to you about insurance coverage, any out of pocket costs, plus walk you through your personal process.

You have everything to gain using Invisalign as an adult and nothing to lose.

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