Dental Monitoring ScanBox, Easy as 1-2-3 Scans!

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In today’s world, convenience is key! Did you know that the Dental Monitoring ScanBox device can be your solution to fewer waiting rooms and in-person appointments? This device is so easy to use and it could save you SO MUCH time.

Here’s how it works!

When I first received the Dental Monitoring ScanBox, my doctor instructed me to download the app to my phone, so that the app could then send me reminders to take progress scans. My phone notifies me to take a scan every 5 days!

When it is time to take my progress scan, I open up the app on my phone and follow along with the Dental Monitoring ScanBox’s instructions. First, I answer a few questions, like what number of aligners I am currently on. Then the app instructs me to place my phone into the Dental Monitoring device and latch it in so that the phone is snug into place.

Next, I am told to insert the cheek retractor, which is a device that pulls my lips away from my teeth, allowing exposure to each tooth. But, before doing so, I remove my Invisalign trays from my mouth. Once the cheek retractor has been inserted, I will then connect my cheek retractor to the Dental Monitor ScanBox–this should easily snap into place because of the device’s magnets.

The app will continue to guide me throughout the scanning process. For my first scan, I will bite down on my back teeth. I will then shift the ScanBox to one side and then the other side. As I am shifting the device, multiple photos are being taken of my teeth. After, I will do the same for my second scan, but instead of biting down on my back teeth, I will keep my teeth slightly apart, scanning side to side.

Before moving to the third and final scan, I am told to remove my cheek retractor, so that I can reinsert my Invisalign trays. Once my Invisalign trays are positioned back on my teeth, I place the cheek retractor back in and connect it to the ScanBox. For this last scan, my teeth should be slightly apart as I shift the ScanBox to both sides of my mouth.

My progress scan is complete after all 3 scans have been taken. 1, 2, 3, it is as easy as that! I remove and clean my cheek retractor with warm soap and water, and remove my phone from the Dental Monitoring ScanBox. I will review my scans on the app making sure they all look good, following each scan requirement. Lastly, I will press send and away it will go, notifying my doctor that my scans are ready to be reviewed!

My app will notify me when the doctor has provided his feedback. My doctor provides a quick turnaround on feedback–usually later that same day or right away the next morning. The feedback with either confirm that I am ready to move to the next set of aligners, or I will be notified to keep the same aligners in for a few more days to give my teeth a little more time to move. Either way, it is a great benefit to have a doctor I trust, monitoring my progress so closely each week.

As a busy, full-time working mom, I love the Dental Monitoring ScanBox because it is convenient, I can continue my treatment from anywhere. It also saves me so much time! My next in-person appointment isn’t until March, which is 3 months after my last in-person appointment. AMAZING! I can communicate with my doctor and send my progress reports, all through the app. I get excited to see slight changes to my smile each week and celebrate the small wins, every time my app notifies me to move to the next set of trays!

Author: Jordan Aware, Invisalign Patient at VanLaecken Orthodontics in Sioux Falls