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Let’s look at how to make your braces fun with colors. For some people, they prefer clear braces or aligners that disappear. However, others enjoy something a little more exciting. Adding colorful elastics and brackets can be a bold fashion statement, expressing your unique personality.

Have a favorite color? You can wear that color or a favorite combination of colors on your smile! In fact, you can wear every color of the rainbow if you dare. There are even glow-in-the-dark options, which can be a fun choice whenever the lights go out.

And it’s not just kids who are making braces fun with colors.

Today, more adults are pursuing treatment and not shy about showing off bright, colorful braces. Have a favorite sports team? Today, you can show off your team’s colors when you smile. Then, switch out the elastics to another color scheme to keep it interesting and show off your style.

When you come to your next appointment for an adjustment, we’ll change to new elastics. Thus, every 6-8 weeks, you can change to a new color scheme if you like. Many times, kids love having the freedom to choose their favorite colors.

So, who says braces can’t be fun?

How to Make Your Braces Fun With Colors

The elastic bands used to hold the archwire in place are also called “Ligatures” or “O-rings.” Today, they come in just about any color you could want, including metallic!

Thus, you have many options to consider, which can be a lot of fun. How do you decide which colors to choose? You can alternate colors or use all the same color.

Here are some ideas about which colors to choose. Keep in mind, some colors like green or yellow might not look as you intended. Yellow may look like stains, while green can sometimes look like bits of food stuck in your teeth.

  • Match your eye color
  • Pick your favorite color
  • Alternating or rainbow colors
  • Sports teams or school colors
  • Favorite color combinations
  • Choose colors that complement skin tone
  • Colors for the holidays
  • Match your favorite outfit
  • Choose colors for the seasons
  • Blend in with silver, gray or clear
  • Darker colors to make teeth appear whiter

When choosing colors to compliment your skin tones, dark, jewel-tone colors sometimes compliment darker tones. For lighter skin tones, softer, cool tones may work better, depending on your taste.

As for adults, they often want to use colors that look professional. Although clear or white may seem ideal, remember these colors may end up looking stained after a time. Instead, it may be better to blend in with grey or silver to match the braces.

VanLaecken Loves to Make Your Experience Fun!

Before you start any treatment, we’ll discuss all the options, including how to make your braces fun with colors. As always, we want you to have an incredible experience as we help create a perfect smile together.

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