Tips for Surviving Your First Week of Braces

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Getting braces is your first step in achieving a beautiful, confident smile, and we’re here to walk you through every step of the process. However, once you have braces it can take a bit of time to adjust. Having new hardware in your mouth often takes a bit of getting used to, which is why we’ve put together some helpful tips to help you survive your first week of braces.

Tip #1 – Realize the First Week of Braces is the Hardest

First, realize that the first week will be the hardest. Make it through the first week and it gets much easier. You’re getting used to having metal in your mouth and you may feel a bit sore at first as your braces begin to move your teeth into the correct positions. Even if you feel a bit uncomfortable, remember that once you make it through the first week you’ll be cruising to your gorgeous, new smile.

Tip #2 – Before You Leave the Office, Be Ready

Before you head out of the office on that first day, take the time to make sure you’re ready to face your first week. Check the wire ends using your finger to ensure no wires extend into areas that may end up poking your tongue or cheeks. Find out what your next steps are, such as when you need to come back for your next appointment and any suggestions your orthodontist has in the meantime.

Double check that you have all the supplies you need, such as cleaning aids, bands, and wax, and ensure you have enough of the supplies on hand to make it to your next appointment. Remember, we’re here to help you through this journey and happy to answer any questions you have before you leave the office when you get your braces.

Tip #3 – Be Careful What You Eat with Braces

In those first few days, you’ll need to be careful what you eat as your mouth adjusts to braces. Stick to soft foods during that first week, such as yogurt, applesauce, ice cream, smoothies, apple sauce, pastas, soft veggies, soup, and cold beverages.

After you get used to your braces, you can go back to eating most of the foods you normally eat. However, you need to avoid sticky, chewy, or hard foods like hard bagels, nuts, popcorn, caramel, pizza crust, toffee, and any foods that may damage your braces. Also avoid tearing or biting directly into hard foods like corn on the cob, raw carrots, or raw apples.

Tip #4 – Use Wax to Fight Mouth Sores

While your brackets are made to be gentle on the soft mouth tissue, they still may rub on your cheeks or other areas of the mouth, causing irritation as you get used to your braces. The inside of your mouth will toughen up over time. But during that first week you can use the wax we give you to prevent sores and easy discomfort.

Tip #5 – Rinse with Saltwater

If you deal with a lot of irritation and sores in your mouth, rinsing your mouth with saltwater can help. Mix a teaspoon of table salt in a cup of warm water. Rinse your mouth out well and spit it out – don’t swallow the saltwater. You can do this up to six times a day for relief. The saltwater rinse helps relieve the pain and will speed up the healing of any sores you develop.

Tip #6 – Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Don’t forget to keep up with good oral hygiene after you get braces. You’ll need to clean your teeth with the special toothbrush we give you after every time you eat, ensuring you get any food that’s stuck in the brackets. Twice a day brushing and flossing daily should be continued, too. Make these oral hygiene practices a habit in your first week so you don’t experience any problems in the future.

Tip #7 – Remember We’re Here for You

Adjusting to your braces will take a little time, but focus on the great results you’ll get when you’re done with treatment. You’ll acclimate to your braces in no time, and we’ll be here for you along the way. If you have any concerns or questions, remember to give our office a call and we’ll be here to help throughout your treatment.

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