Traditional Braces vs. Sioux Falls Invisalign Clear Aligners

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Traditional braces and Invisalign are both designed to improve the appearance of your smile by aligning your bite and straightening your teeth. Straight teeth also promote improved oral health by reducing wear and making teeth easier to brush and floss adequately.

However, there are some differences between traditional braces and Invisalign—notably the appearance and and how the systems affect the wearer.

How Traditional Braces and Invisalign Are Different

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces consist of brackets and wires that your orthodontist fixes to your teeth. Throughout treatment, an expert orthodontist adjusts these wires to straighten your teeth on a timeline.

Drawbacks include having metal or wires on your teeth that can detract from your smile. These wires may also irritate your cheeks and gums. Additionally, you cannot remove your braces when brushing and flossing, which can interfere with your oral hygiene routine.


A Sioux Falls orthodontist uses impressions of your teeth to create custom aligners that fit your smile. Every couple of weeks, you change your aligner, which straighten your teeth on a timeline. Unlike traditional braces, you can remove your aligner to enjoy your meals and to brush and floss adequately. Invisalign aligners are also clear and discreet—friends may not even notice you’re wearing them.

Both traditional braces and Invisalign therapy can take several months to two years, depending on the issues that need correcting. And both treatments can successfully treat:

  • Crooked, overlapping, and twisted teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Bite alignment issues

The first step is a consultation and conversation with a Sioux Falls Invisalign orthodontist at VanLaecken Orthodontics.

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