Ways VanLaecken Orthodontics Makes Your Visits Easy

Beautiful, Confident Smiles™

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Who says your next trip to your orthodontist should be a hassle?

Inconvenience should not get in your way of getting that perfect smile. That is why VanLaecken Orthodontics went the extra mile to make your next visit easy.

What to Expect from VanLaecken Orthodontics

Here are the top ways we make your journey to a healthy smile relaxing and enjoyable.

1. Free Consultations—Virtual or In-Person

If you have a tight schedule or are unsure of leaving your home during this uncertain time, no need to worry! The VanLaecken Orthodontics team is available for both office and virtual consultations.

The best part? Your first consultation is free.

You can schedule your free consultation from the comfort of your home with a few clicks. You may also book an in-person appointment at a VanLaecken Orthodontics clinic near you through our website.

2. Enjoyable Office Experience

Gone are the days when you have to wait in a boring and uncomfortable lobby for your appointment. VanLaecken Orthodontics’ locations have a welcoming atmosphere, comfortable seating in the lobby, as well as flat-screen TVs for your entertainment. If you have any questions, our friendly staff is more than ready to accommodate you.

3. Comprehensive Treatment Options

Are you an adult looking to get your smile back in shape through braces or clear retainers, or a teenager considering options like Invisalign aligners for teens to straighten your teeth?

VanLaecken Orthodontics has a wide range of treatment options for you.

You can consult with our South Dakota orthodontists, who will help you explore the available treatment options suitable for you.

Your Road to the Perfect Smile

A lot can get in the way of your next orthodontic appointment. VanLaecken Orthodontics will make sure that your road to achieving your perfect smile is smooth and is something you can look forward to.

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