Why Choose Us

State of The Art Orthodontist

State of the Art

Our doctors and team appreciate your desire for state of the art orthodontics.  We recognize that you are seeking the absolute best care for your family and a smile that’s a game changer throughout your lifetime.  We pride ourselves on our honesty and the respect we give to each of our patients.  We assure you that we will treat you like family, this is how we get our referrals...just ask!  

Trusted Tradition

Our practice has a trusted tradition of providing clinical excellence to create beautiful, confident smiles.  Here are reasons to choose our office for your orthodontic needs:  Orthodontic care is about engineering faces, not simply moving teeth.  Legendary smiles are built upon the expertise of an orthodontic specialist.

300 Years Combined Orthodontic Experience

Our highly trained team has over 300 years combined orthodontic experience and has an average employment in our office of 12 years with 1/3 of our team over 20 years on up to 38 years of experience!  This type of longevity results in an experienced staff with unparalleled understanding of the needs of the orthodontic office in terms of caring, clinical skills and customer service.

Is Your Dentist A Specialist?

Each of our doctors completed additional training beyond the required four years of dental school.  They trained full time for three additional years to receive a master’s degree in orthodontics.  They are recognized by the American Association of Orthodontists and exclusively practice orthodontics every day, every appointment...it is all they do because they enjoy creating beautiful, confident smiles for their patients!

Brookings, Aberdeen, Milbank, Watertown Certified Orthodontist

Is the Doctor Board Certified?

Dr. VanLaecken completed arduous examinations to become board certified in his specialty.  This is not required for orthodontists, however Dr. VanLaecken believes it will keep him on the forefront of orthodontics.  

Aberdeen, Watertown, Milbank, Brookings Orthodontist

Email and Text Reminders of Appointments

According to your preference, you will receive courtesy reminders for you appointments with us.  We can’t wait to see your smile!

Does the Doctor Place All the Brackets Himself?

We do - no exceptions!  In fact, we use an advanced procedure called indirect bonding (IDB).  This is where all the braces are placed on a customized tray tailored to your anatomy.  IDB trays are developed in our clinic, by our team to deliver precise orthodontic care (we never send them out to a third-party lab) and then placed onto the teeth allowing for extremely accurate results.  As an added benefit, this method also allows our patients more comfort and to spend less time “in the chair”.

Are Brackets Place on the 12 Year Molars?

Once the 12 year molars come in, we will place brackets on these teeth.  The 12 year molars are imperative to achieving a properly guided bite.

Brookings, Watertown, Milbank, Aberdeen Orthodontist

iOC Scanners

This cutting edge technology replaces the messy impression trays of the past with the precision of digital pictures and 3D graphics making it an excellent treatment planning tool for our doctors and increasing the comfort of our patients...no more gagging on goopy impression material! 

How Often Are Digital X-Rays/Radiographs Taken?

Our practice has a digital x-ray machine, which means it is basically a photograph of the teeth and jaws.  It uses far less radiation than a traditional x-ray machine.  We will routinely take digital x-rays over the course of your time in braces to ensure treatment is going well and allow our doctors to make diagnostic decisions.  Every patient will receive additional records in the middle of treatment to allow our doctors to make any adjustments, if needed, in the treatment plans.  He will discuss these records with the parents or patient.

Orthodontist in Watertown, Brookings, Aberdeen, Milbank

Customized Care That's Just For YOU!

Your smile, like your fingerprint, is unique.  We believe your treatment plan should be, too!  Through comprehensive records, pictures, scans, measurements and x-rays, Dr. Ryan and Dr. Rob will provide you with a customized treatment plan which not only straightens your teeth but engineers your facial structure and profile, taking into account how your smile will develop over your lifetime.

In addition, we have offices in Aberdeen, Milbank, Brookings, and Watertown for your convenience!

Brookings, Watertown, Milbank, Aberdeen Invisalign

Invisalign Elite Provider

If you are interested in Invisalign treatment, you have come to the right place! Our practice is the Premier Preferred Invisalign provider in this area. This means that Invisalign has recognized us as being the most experienced doctors in the area in this type of treatment; completing the most number of Invisalign cases and continuing education requirements to become a Premier Preferred Provider for Invisalign.

Orthodontist in Brookings, Watertown, Milbank, Aberdeen

Our Pursuit of Excellence

One of our team credos is “Never Stop Learning”. Together, we take advantage of every continuing education opportunity possible. We are committed to continuous learning and professional growth within our specialty and work with some of the top consultants in our industry to implement techniques used by the top practices in the country. Rest assured, you are receiving not only the utmost care in the area but also in the nation!

Smile Rewards Program

Earn points for good oral hygiene, wearing your appliances or rubber bands as instructed, being on time for your appointment, referring friends to our practice, being a patient celebrity, winning or participating in our monthly contests and much more!  Then cash in those points for great prizes or gift certificates!

My Orthodontist Mobile App

Our patients have on-the-go access to appointments (past and future), Account balances (billing party log-ins), images taken throughout treatment, media such as educational videos, frequently asked questions/answers, office contact information, directions and hours and social media links to our practice through our app available in the App Store or Google Play. 

Orthodontist in Milbank, Watertown, Brookings, Aberdeen

Beautiful, Confident Smiles Begin and End with Great Oral Hygiene

Good oral care is a major focus of our orthodontic practice.  We promote beautiful, confident smiles through patient education, special treatments on teeth before and during treatment (as needed), Waterpiks, oral hygiene checks at each appointment, oral hygiene specialists at each location and using Smile Rewards points as an incentive to visit your general dentist regularly during your treatment time with us.

Service to Our Communities

A huge part of our mission at VanLaecken Orthodontics is “a spirit of service to our patients and our communities.” Our practice enthusiastically supports the community in which we work and live.
We are honored to support the following organizations through cash and in-kind donations: 

  • Sunshyne Smiles participant 
  • Watertown Arrow Education Foundation
  • After Prom donations to schools
  • Aberdeen YMCA Strong Kids Campaign
  • Aberdeen Catholic School System
  • ACHS Eagle Pride Premier Partner
  • Aberdeen Public Schools Foundation
  • United Way
  • Immaculate Conception School - Watertown
  • Jefferson Elementary School Partner in Education
  • Kegs for Christ
  • Howard Wood Relays
  • Castlewood Education Foundation
  • Destination Imagination teams
  • Lake Area Technical Institute
  • Watertown Christian School
  • PACH
  • Salvation Army
  • Watertown Resource Center
  • Safe Harbor
  • Lutheran Social Services
  • Relay for Life participants
  • Watertown and Aberdeen Boys and Girls Club
  • Make-a-Wish
  • Northeast South Dakota Healthcare Foundation - Milbank